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I'm a world traveller.  
Private jets & chartered yachts.  Yeah, I live the good life.
But you know what?  I worked hard for these perks.
I spent years building something good & sold it for more money than what was fair.
I got sick of the rat race.  Sick of regulations.
 Sick of people looking over my shoulder.
And amidst my whiskey & women and retirement fun, I found Bitcoin.
And then I realized that all I wanted to do was trade Bitcoin.
I wanted to earn my cash while cruising this entire globe.

No offices.  No commute.  Only wind & sky. 
Oh, and everything that can be flown, floated & fucked.

I buy & sell bitcoin.
I don't care where you're from & I don't care why you want Bitcoin or cash in your pocket.
I don't ask questions & I don't need answers.

I don't need paperwork & I don't need to know anything about you.
I don't use localbitcoins because they want KYC & control.  Fuck that.
I will buy your Bitcoin if you want some cash.
I will sell my Bitcoin if you want to join the BTC party.

I can even hook you up with an anonymous debit card & drop your funds there.
I only work via LiveChat here on my site, so ping me there (bottom right).
If I'm offline, I'll be back later.  Leave a message.

And after our first transaction is perfect, leave me a review.
I always want more clients.  Greed is good.

I buy the Bitcoin you want to sell & sell the Bitcoin you want to buy.
I don't need any documents or ID from you.  There's no need for that nonsense.
I'll use the current Kraken price, subtract a 1% spread commission for myself & complete the deal quickly.
My BTC are constantly mixed between hot & cold wallets, so it is clean & private.
I give priority to returning clients & want to do many transactions with you for years to come.
I can only be contacted on live chat.
If I'm not online, then I'm busy living the good life.
You can leave a message & I'll get back to you within a day.
While we conduct our transaction, I'll remain online so you can reach me.

I can accept fiat from you in these ways:
(1) PayPal
(2) Wire transfer
(3) BACS transfer (UK clients)
(4) SEPA tranfser (Euro clients)
(5) ACH transfer (US clients)
(6) Credit card

I can pay fiat to you in these ways:
(1) PayPal
(2) To an anonymous debit card (message me for details)
(3) Wire transfer
(4) BACS transfer (UK clients)
(5) SEPA transfer (Euro clients)
(6) Western Union

I consider each transaction on a case by case basis.
If it doesn't look good or I'm too busy, I'll say so.
If you need special arrangements, we can discuss.
And if you don't know jack about Bitcoin, learn & then come back when you're in the know.

So what's the next step?
Contact me on live chat when you're ready.
Serious inquiries only please.

Oh, you want proof that I'm the real deal?
Here is my wallet address:

Ready to discuss a trade?

Click the live chat bubble to reach me.  
I won't waste your time.  Please don't waste mine.